Invite Your Demon to Tea

There’s a story in the Buddhist religion about how the night before Buddha became enlightened he fought off the evil Demon Mara. He won, but even after he became enlightened this evil demon would come to visit him through out his life. Instead of pushing the demon out or banishing him, he would invite the Mara in for tea.

We can learn SO MUCH from this lesson. Our demons, or our fears only become bigger and more repressive when we try to push them away. Instead we can invite our demons to tea, treat them kindness, and allow ourselves to witness what it is we fear knowing that if we don’t give it the power to hurt us, it will not be able to. We’re in Capricorn season which is all about deep seated fears. This is a GREAT time to sit with your demons so you can get on fearlessly with the rest of your year. (Drawn by @viracantdance)

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