Finding Gratitude During the Holidays: A Guide

Practicing Gratitude and Mindfulness during the Holidays: A Guide

Holidays are about food, gifts and eggnog, right?  Well…yes and no! The holidays can be a wonderful time to dig a little deeper like the awesome humans we are, and practice gratitude in the midst of all the Holiday cheer!  So often, the holiday season becomes about what we buy, how many presents we got and that’s just so 2001…Here are 6 tips for you to practice mindfulness and awareness this month.


  1. Get in the spirit of giving.  An amazing way to stay in gratitude is to give to charity, either on your own or with friends or family.  This can either be done through a financial gift or volunteering.   Take a day or an afternoon to volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate your extra clothes, or pledge to your favorite charity, whatever it is, this spirits of giving creates an amazingly positive energetic feedback that can be felt by you and those you give to.
  2. Meditate through the season. Closing your eyes for even one minute can completely reset your mood.  Friends, families, parties, alcohol, sugar, you name it, there are tons of scenarios that can make you feel a little ‘not yourself.’  So we recommend even 5 minutes a day of conscious meditation, turning inward and taking time for yourself to reset.  If you’re new to meditation we recommend using a guided meditation like this Suiheart Club Body Image Meditation.  Take it a step further, and light our Halfmoon Within Candle set the intention that you’re taking time for you and only you, everything else can wait. 

  3. Practice non-attachment when receiving gifts. We all want what we want when we want it, BUT, things don’t always go according to plan.  When we receive gifts this year, let’s practice the Buddhist philosophy of ‘non-attachment.’  This is a state where a person can overcome material desires and truly feel happy for any outcome.  Crazy aunt Suzy gave you a sculpture made of nickels, or get a muumuu from you Grandma?  Just say thank you and feel the gratitude that you have family living to give you gifts, regardless of what they are.  

  4. Connect with the eldest person in your family. Our living family history exists within the wise elders of our family.  Take time to sit and chat with your elders, ask them questions about your family tree, their upbringing, their life, because they won’t always be around for you to ask them!  This is an amazing way to stay mindful and connected to your family and where you came from.  Also, be sure to share your appreciation for them.

  5. Volunteer to babysit. If you don’t have kids yet, the holidays can be a great time to give your family members who do have kids a much-needed break from their little ones.  Take the kids to the park so their parents can take a real nap, or babysit them for the night so their parents can go on a real date.  You can even give them a Sexual Healing candle to make sure they take their kidsfree space seriously.  We absolutely think this is an appropriate not-so subtle hint that they need some sexy–time and you’re there to save the day.      
  6. Blacksheep awareness month. There’s a blacksheep in every family.  Maybe it’s someone who’s not as social or doesn’t feel comfortable in crowds or at parties.   Do your part to make sure this person is feeling included, and that their needs are being met.  A quick, “hey, play this game with us,” Or, “You doing okay?” can change someone’s entire holiday season.  If you’re the blacksheep of your family, do your best to communicate your needs.  Find a family member or friend to check in with so you make sure you’re staying present and that you’re mental health isn’t at the whim of some holiday cheer.


We hope you can find at least one of these tips to get you through the season.  Share what your mindful tips are below, or share how your holidays are going at @suiheartclub!

Love, Tori and Vira

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