Self Care When You’re Bleeding Down There

We’re partnering with Period Movement all month long to bring awareness to Period Equality and ending Period Poverty. This Saturday October 19th is #NATIONALPERIODDAY and there will be rallies in all 50 states! Click here to find your local rally and click here to learn more about the cause.

In honor of #NATIONALPERIODDAY, we’re sharing 8 self-care tips to honor your body before and during your period.

  1. Stay off the scale before and during your period! If you routinely weigh yourself, your period can be a GREAT time to take a break! According to Healthline, it’s normal to fluctuate between 3-5 pounds or more in water weight before and during your period. So do your mind a solid, and step away from the scale! 
  1. We require more calories before our period. It’s science. Before we actually menstruate, our bodies are working hard with a rise in hormone levels which means when we’re craving more, yes, we actually may need more food (usually around 100-300 calories per day.) So recognize that your body may NEED to eat eat more! Remember sugar and carbs may cause crashes, so if you need more to eat, yes, have some sugar, but also supplement those extra calories with fruits, proteins, and veggies. 
  1. Use Tiger Balm for cramps. Tiger Balm is a topical over-the-counter pain reliever for sore muscles that has natural ingredients like menthol and camphor.  Rub a small amount on your lower back and belly to relieve cramps (but make sure you wash your hands after cuz that shit burns when you get in your eye.)
  1. Many more menstruators are turning to CBD as a source of natural pain relief to treat period pain. This is because unlike Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, CBD both relieves symptoms and targets the cause. CBD itself is composed of elements that activate receptors that prevent the release of inflammatory proteins, while also targeting nerve receptors & muscle tissue to relieve pain and cramps. 
  1. Although the initial idea of exercising while on your period may seem like the absolute last activity you’d want to do, exercising while on your period can help alleviate cramps, bloating, and as we all know - exercising gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Remember that exercise doesn’t mean heading to the treadmill or going for a run. It can mean going outside for a walk, going to a boxing class, dancing, biking, yoga, swimming (we could go on). Most importantly, exercise on your period should be intuitive, meaning that you are listening to what your body is needing on that specific day, rather than exercising to lose weight or calories. Exercise should be a practice of helping you connect with your body - so find what works for you! 
  1. During your cycle is a great time to become more in-tune with your inner self. Meditation during your period allows for more connection and patience with yourself, and more communication with internal dialogue can be an amazing way to hone in on what your needs are. And according to a study done by Mindfulness Journal, meditation can even help relieve period related pain and physical PMS symptoms like bloating and sweating. So next month, try a few 5 minute meditation sessions on the days before or during your period & journal how you feel! Some great meditation apps we love include Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace, & Simple Habit! 
  1. Be aware of what menstrual products you use and how they affect you and the environment.  A lot of menstruators are turning to products like Thinx or The Diva Cup to lessen their footprint when they menstruate.  These are reusable products that help not only the environment, but your wallet over time. But! Periods are not one size fits all, and for some these products don’t work, so we suggest when possible, to purchase period products that are environmentally friendly or organic.  Not able to afford organic? Buying tampons without applicators are a step in the environmentally friendly direction to reduce unnecessary wasteful packaging! 
  1. Take a bath! Relax with some epsom salts, or make a bubble bath, light a candle, turn your phone off and let yourself truly rest.

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