Self Love Potion

SELF LOVE POTION: No one else can make it but you!

Loving yourself isn't always going to be easy. Sometimes you need to give yourself tough love. You need to look at yourself and say "Hey, you need to pick your head up and work harder for you!" 

If you chose to hide behind quick acts of personal love, such as going out to party and forgetting your responsibilities, or eating m&ms for breakfast because they're yummy and convenient, then you are depriving yourself of true success.

Self love comes from feeling truly successful in being ones self. You have to push yourself to your limits, you have to set uncomfortable boundaries, and you have to make mistakes in order to find the right path. 

The best way to do this is by creating self love practices everyday. Wake up, write a list of things to conquer, get a work out in, and have a nice bath when all the hard work is complete. The satisfaction of completing your goals will help you feel great about yourself. Working on you is the BEST project you will ever work on. 

(Drawn by @viracantdance )

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