Don't Stress Holiday Eating, Here's How:

Eating and staying sane during the holidays don’t always go hand in hand.  The atmosphere of parties, family and ample availability to goodies and alcohol can make even the most balanced eater overwhelmed during the holiday season. 

As someone who struggled from an eating disorder for most of my teenage and early adulthood, I am no stranger to feeling complete terror during the holidays.  What will I eat?  Will people judge what I eat at a party?  Will it make gain weight? What will other people eat? These are just a few of the questions that would play over and over again in my mind.   In hindsight, the complete worry of food during the holidays overshadowed what the holidays are all about: spending time with loved-ones, connecting and sharing gratitude for everything that we do have.


So, let's take a deep breath and dive into 8 tips that will not only help us ‘get through the holidays’, but make them enjoyable and rooted in the present moment.


  1. ‘Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full!’ It can be very easy to eat beyond what we can comfortably handle when there’s a ton of food everywhere, so check in with yourself.  Ask yourself questions like, “Am I feeling full?” “Should I take a break?” And! If you do eat more than you’re comfortable, remember that that’s okay too!  The feeling of fullness is temporary and it WILL go away.

  2. Take a walk or work out! Take a quick trip to the gym in between festivities. Or, take a walk before you eat, or after, regardless of how chilly it is during the holiday season, it can be great to take a quick stroll with your friends or family to jumpstart your metabolism and get your blood moving. Chances are, if you’re having trouble staying present around food, by the end of a workout or walk, you may be able to reset your mind towards a more ‘in the moment’ attitude around what you’re eating!

  3. Take a break from the fam. I have a huge family.  Family gatherings can be anywhere from 10-30 people depending on the year.  Add toddlers to the mix, it can be impossible to hear my own thoughts.  So, if you’re feeling The Overwhelm, take some alone time.  Go upstairs to an empty room, take a few deep breaths, write in your journal, anything that returns you to your center.  Because it can be hard to honor our own needs (food included) when we can’t hear our own thoughts.

  4. Sugar crash is real, people. If you’re in a scenario where there are lots of goodies, remember that alcohol is sugar too.  So maybe you plan out having X amount of cocktails, and X amount of cookies so that the sugar-crash doesn’t come and steal your soul.  There’s no set amount for any one person, figure out intuitively what your body can handle, and remember, this season happens once a year, so if you indulge a few times, it will absolutely not mean that this is your reality now and that you eat 10 cookies a night from now on into eternity.  This is not forever!

  5. Carry or wear an object that de-stresses you. It can be an amazing mind trick to wear something that reminds you to re-center yourself, especially around the holidays.  Something like a crystal can be a helpful, tangible object to help us return to ourselves.  We recommend our Alchemy Bracelets to ground us to center this holiday season.   We designed each bracelet for your sun sign, but we can also pick and choose for our energetic needs. Our Leo Citrine bracelet is an amazing party companion because Citrine helps balance our digestion and energetically ground into our center so we can make sound choices for our needs.

  6. Find a family or friend ally. It can feel like we’re alone in a room full of people when we’re having an internal battle about food, so we suggest finding a family member we can check in with.  Sometimes even saying, “I’m having a hard time” out loud can release a ton of energy around a situation.  So, find a family member or perhaps your partner, and plan out holding each other accountable for checking in with yourself.  After a meal, a “How you doing?” can go a LONG way!

  7. Humor, jokes and fun! It’s hard to take something like eating too seriously when you’re having fun.  Whether it’s breaking out the board games, watching comedy with family, or wearing ridiculous Suiheart Club ugly Christmas sweaters, find ways to lighten the mood as a group! If you notice yourself ruminating on the menu or what you ate or didn’t eat, find a way to honor your sense of humor and hit the reset button on the internal conversation.

  8. Gratitude is saved for last because it’s likely the most important message that can help us stay mindful while eating.  Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness, the ability to honor what we have, to give thanks to it and to treasure it.  If we lead with a sense of gratitude around food, we can erase the negative cycle of worry.  We can be grateful that there’s food in front of us at all, we can be thankful that we’re with our friends and family to celebrate.  In times of food stress this holiday season, we invite you to say a resounding  “thank you” for all the beautiful bounty and people you have in your life.



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