Within Candle
Within Candle
Within Candle
Within Candle
Suiheart Club

Within Candle

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Here at Suiheart Club and Half Moon Candle Co., we don't believe that Self-Love is Selfish.

So we can light the Within Candle to set an intention of self-love or care, or anytime we want to dance alone in our underwear in the living room!

The Within Candle has notes of Rose, Honey and Pear, it smells like summer at home.

Pink Agate strengthens spiritual awareness and harmony and gives you the courage to say, "I NEED SOME ME-TIME!"


All of our hand poured candles are clean burning and made with 100% natural soy and coconut wax.
Made in the USA.

10 oz Jar + Silver Metal Lid
50 HR Burn Time

➕Keep your crystal inside of your candle as it burns, the energy of the stone will radiate around you.

➕After your candle has burned through, remove the crystal to keep with you or place in your space of

➕To maximize scent throw - we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hours for the first burn and an hour or more for every other burn. This will also help the candle to burn evenly.

Here at HALF/MӪӪN we use a special wax layering technique to maximize scent throw in our candles while burning. Our moon lovers will enjoy a powerful fragrance burst once the candle hits the 2nd layer of wax.
*Layers are visible in our clear glass tumblers but we prefer this as it adds to the uniqueness of our candles and so our moon lovers can see when they can expect their fragrance burst. xx

HALF/MӪӪN Return Policy - to request a refund you must contact seller within 14 days of receiving your candle and it must be sent back to the seller within 30 days at purchaser’s expense. Refunds will not be accepted if candles have been lit. All refunds must be returned in new condition.

(June - September) Due to warm weather during summer months, candles may melt slightly in transit. HALF/MӪӪN will not except returns/issue refunds if this happens.

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